CJ lives in Austin, Texas with Walter the Husband, Poppy the Baby Toddler and a Congenitally Naughty Dog named Steppenwolf.  CJ arrived in the USA somewhat by mistake, having met a fresh-faced American in London and seeing in him the ideal man for a frivolous romance.   Walter, however, was cleverer than he looks, for with a series of bold moves – the efficacy of which still baffle CJ – he tricked her into falling in love, getting married and moving to Texas.

Since then, Walter and CJ’s footprint on the earth has increased considerably.   They own a house and a dog and a car and a toddler and, horror of horrors, a leaf-blower.  They take shared responsibility for the crimes that Steppenwolf visits upon the world and Walter concedes that he has some role to play in Poppy’s provenance.  However, the ramshackle house and the Texas-sized roaches that live inside it are entirely CJ’s fault for Walter, quite rightly, did not think it necessary to give in to suburbia quite so soon.

CJ can be contacted (and rebuked/commended for her decisions) at austincjp at gmail dot com.