What shall we do this weekend?

by CJ

‘What shall we do this weekend,” he said.

“I don’t know,” I replied. “How about we go to the airport?”

“To watch planes take off?”

“No. To board a plane ourselves.”

“Hmmnnn.” He looked thoughtful “How about we board four planes?”

“Four planes?”

“Yes, four planes stopping in four different countries over two days till we get to a teapot-shaped country in southern Africa.”


“Zimbabwe. Exactly. And let’s bring a toddler too.”


Which we have done. We’ve packed: a toddler, countless toys from the dollar store, the king’s ransom in goldfish crackers.

And some Benadryl.

(And of course, lots of kutundu because I can’t help myself).

We’re off to Zimbabwe to see Poppy’s grandparents.

“And a giraffe too,” our excited toddler hastens to add.


Though really, the grandparents are a bigger attraction than the giraffe.