When politics becomes personal

by CJ

Two days ago, The Texas Observer published an article I wrote about my experience with Texas’ new sonogram law. As I write this post, there are 772 reader comments at the end of the piece.

I shouldn’t be surprised. During the heartbreak of losing a baby we also bumped up against one of the country’s most divisive political topics: abortion. Our very personal story is now part of a bigger conversation and, like the debate itself, not all of the voices are civil. I admit that it was scary to step into the fray, especially when our own grief is still so raw. However, as a friend to many magnificent women in Texas and, most importantly, as the mother of a daughter, I feel that I must say something.

Since the article went live, my inbox has been inundated with messages of support from men and women all across the U.S. Some have suffered pregnancy losses themselves, many feel angry about the current state of politics, and all have humbled me with their kindness. In the face of so much that is sad and bad in this situation, there is much to feel hopeful for.

Readers, I know that you come from all parts of the political spectrum and it’s not my intention to use my blog as a soapbox.  However, if you’re interested in reading the piece, you can find it here.  Thank you, as ever, for the warmth and empathy you’ve shown me on these pages.