How to enjoy SXSW when you’re two

by CJ

It’s SXSW again and our town has been overtaken by foreigners, hipsters and malnourished-looking folk carrying guitars on their backs. The muffled roar of music travels 40 blocks from the festival’s epicenter to our quiet little home on a leafy street. As my child sleeps, the collective thud of hundreds of bands funnels across the humid night air and makes itself politely at home in the nursery. Poppy doesn’t seem to mind. Like every other night of her life, she lies still in her crib dreaming of the things that really matter: how the dog drinks water from a dish, the impossibility of putting on socks, the sublime perfection of the taco, and the sheer delight of stringing one word onto another. Politics or heartbreak or the earnest striving of all those musicians downtown mean nothing to the little girl who sleeps in polka dot pajamas with her bottom in the air. What a serene way to enjoy a festival. Frenetic SXSW badge-holders, take note.